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Skynet is real



In this timeline, it's just known by another name: Amiibo.


I picked up a Zelda amiibo yesterday (my bud and I are going on a massive Wave 3 hunt this Sunday, I'm gonna get Megaman) and in less than 4 hours it went from being a baby that couldn't land a hit to an unstoppable killing machine that got 8 of the 11 KOs in a match that involved myself and two Level 9 CPUs getting obliderated and tossed around like dolls for a few minutes while this artificial monster just slowly walked around like it wasn't even trying.


I am scared. It knows where I live. I'm pretty sure it's gonna learn how to escape the Wii U in less than a week.

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I heard a story about how a Fox amiibo that belonged to a competitive player was entered into a tournament for kicks, and it made it all the way to the finals before finally being defeated by nobody short of the top local player.


Amiibos are scary, folks.



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