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Hey Guys



So my promposal got turned down today. Kind of, I didn't even get to ask, she avoided me in the morning when I was gonna ask her and I later had to find out second-hand that she was going to say no if I asked. She never told me up front. Gave the flowers to my mom so I guess that's nice.


Don't worry too much about me, I'm handling it as best I can. And today I got to see how much my friends really cared about me, which was incredibly heartwarming. If anyone has any corny jokes, puns, gifs, or just general comforts that would be appreciated. I'll probably explain the whole situation in entirety later, but for now I'd rather not.


Thanks. Peace.


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This happened with a friend of mine, kinda. She was all set to go with a mutual friend of ours, but he had her on hold. He was waiting to hear back from this other girl, and he asked her and she said yes. So, after she got dumped, I asked her to go as friends.


We rounded up a group and all chipped in for a limo (and our mutual friend was with us, so it might have been slightly awkward? I couldn't tell because limo + friends = awesome).


So, yeah, don't let it get you down too hard (though you sound like you're handling it well). Friends can be awesome for just these situations.

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I agree with the above comment; you're handling it much better and more maturely than I did when it happened to me.


Here's a funny video that should get your mind off of things: look in YouTube for: "Simply Delicious Shower Thoughts with Cookie Monster". 

​If nothing else remember it's ok to feel whatever it is you're feeling; don't try and ignore or deny those feelings. Let them come over you, allow yourself to feel however you want to feel, but after a sufficient time, move on. In this way you allow yourself to feel as you wish, but also understand that, as many a philosopher has said in ages past, "this too shall pass."

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