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Mythology is Awesome

The Dark Chronicler


Yay! Temporary Premier Membership perks. Time to write a blog like I'm sure a ton of other people are doing! Only I'm doing it with... MYTHOLOGY. For the sake of clarification, since the term has such a wide and uncertain range as of exactly what it covers, I'm using Mythology in this instance to reference Religions which no longer have large groups of remaining followers.


I personally love reading about religions throughout the world, and some of the most awesome ones are those which have fallen out of favor. I'm sure a lot of people know at least something about a Mythology, be it the ever present Hellenistic Greek or the rising prominence of Scandinavian Norse (For those in the United States at least). There are also quite a few Mythologies that have a small prominence, but that nobody really knows more than a few characters of, such as Anubis, Horus, and possibly Bast from Egypt, to use their Roman names, Quetzalcoatl among the Mexica Aztec, and occasionally Dagon, usually in the Lovecraftian form instead of multiple Mesopotamian regions.


Which brings my rumbling to an end to ask the question this blog was made for:


Do YOU have a favorite myth? The death of Hodr? The underworld ballgame of Hunahpa and Xbalanque? The clever trickery of Anansi?

Perhaps a favorite character from Mythology? The foolish Coyote in one of his many forms? The troublesome Susano'o? One of the mysterious and earth-shaking Rainbow serpents?

Or even a favorite mythology as a whole? The little-known Etruscan? The ancient Sumerian? The clever myths of the Russian Chukchi?


If you do, feel free to share!


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I used to be a pretty big fan of mythology, though I don't know if I ever had a FAVORITE myth.


Just wondering, have you ever read Neil Gaiman's American Gods or its quasi-sequel, Anansi Boys? Both have really interesting takes on mythology. For that matter, a lot of Neil Gaiman's work involves mythology, including his comic book magnum opus The Sandman. I'd highly recommend them to someone with a passion for mythology and culture.

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Yeah, it was only after writing this that I realized just how hard it might be to pick out a favorite myth, which is part of the reason I don't list one for myself.


I have not yet had the chance to read them, but they have been on my to-read list for quite a while now. From what I've seen about them, they seem extremely interesting. I was actually planning to start reading them quite soon, but ended up finding a copy of both the Kalevala and the Mabinogion which have taken up my recent reading.

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