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Oh look, another BrickFair entry




First of all, this bit of genius courtesy of Avohkah Tamer featuring Sumiki and Lady Kopaka has be shared again:




Next, shoutouts to Trisha, Pat, Maddison, Andrew, Ben, Susannah, Vance, Christie, Corvin, Jess, Jamieson, David, Nate, Thomas, Pablo, Scott, Andrew, Yanni, Danny and more people that I'm trying desperately not to leave out but probably failing. You are all so wonderful.


One of the greatest things to happen during BrickFair: Sumiki calling me "famous." His words, not mine. I'm honoured.


Furthermore, my material acquisitions over the five days of the con (aside from the usual free BrickFair goodies) consisted of no more than two LEGO pieces, but they were particularly special pieces - TLH picked up an extra SDCC Scorpio mask for me recently, and I now finally own a Metru blue Matatu, which is a piece I've been wanting to have for almost ten years, and of which no more than twelve exist. Thanks Maddison!


My convention plans for the next year - if finances allow, that is - include BrickCon in Seattle in less than two months' time, BrickCan in my hometown of Vancouver in April (finally one that I won't have to go through customs for), BricksCascade in Portland in June, and hopefully BrickFair VA again next August.


Until next time, lovelies.



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One of the greatest things to happen during BrickFair: Sumiki calling me "famous." His words, not mine. I'm honoured.

Convention regular I've never met? Runner of a fantastic reference topic? Music nerd? How could you not be famous is the real question here.


Also, welcome to the Metru blue Matatu club.

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Sumiki - Thou art too kind. Thou flattereth me with thy kind words.


Also, my name has been missing from your sidebar for about five months. :P



My goodness, you're right. I'm terribly sorry - I've put you in in the correct chronological order, right after GSR who was the last person I met at the BrickCon before Cascade. :P



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I'm sorry people thought you were me. See you at BrickCan though!

You're sorry for something that wasn't your fault? Makaru confirmed as Canadian. :P


I'm really looking forward to BrickCan; I just wish it wasn't still two-thirds of a year away! The River Rock should be an amazing venue for a con, especially if we get a discounted rate at the hotel.


And hopefully it doesn't conflict with exams; that could be tricky to work out.



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