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Short Story Teaser



This is a short story kind of teasing the series of MOCs that I'm working on. I figured it would be a cool way to tie in the MOCs and the storyline. in an alternate timeline. 2016 spoilers are present, so be warned.


As Ekimu congratulated the assembled Toa, Vizuna and Kivoda came stumbling in, exhausted from their journey. Seemingly in awe that the Toa had rescued and revived Ekimu, Vizuna and Kivoda were speechless.After overcoming the shock of seeing their famed mask maker alive and well, the two villagers turned to the Toa, remembering why they had even came to the City of the Mask Makers in such haste. Exchanging a short look, the two villagers decided that Vizuna would speak first.


“Toa, a great evil has been unleashed across Okoto, and it seems to have originated in our two regions.” Vizuna gestured to both he and Kivoda. “ We villagers tried to stop them, but our efforts proved fruitless, we need your help. We have never seen creatures like this on Okoto. There are six of them from our observations, three in the region of jungle, and three in the region of water. They are monsters, all of them; their only interest is sowing destruction along the island. They must be stopped before they can spread.”


With a grim look in his eyes, Ekimu was the first to speak. “Tell me young one, what did these monsters look like?”


“In my region, they appear to be monstrous insects, a spindly white one that walk on four legs, a yellow, beetle-like one with long sharp swords, and a small green one that has a stinger on her face.” After taking a deep breath, Kivoda continued, “The creatures that are in the region of jungle are quite different, they are giant winged creatures. There is a giant, spindly black one, a scary red one, and a silent blue one. They have already killed three wandering villagers that were visiting the region; Radiak, of the fire tribe, Kirop of the earth tribe, and Gavla of the water tribe.


Turning once again to the Toa, Ekimu spoke to them this time. “Toa, it seems my brother’s influence has not yet dissipated as I had hoped. It appears he has awoken ancient spirits that plagued the island long ago. I had hoped we had put them into a slumber so deep they could never awaken again.” Gripping his hammer ever tighter, he started towards his forge. “ My brother has awoken the spirits of swamp and the spirits of the air. If you are to have a chance of defeating them, you will need some new armor. Vizuna and Kivoda, I could use your help in the forge.” Ekimu put some crystalline armor off to the side, and began work on the Toa’s specialized new armor, getting Vizuna and Kivodas input and help along the way.


“The hunter will have to wait.” Ekimu muttered to himself.



I'm not generally a storywriter; so sorry if the story is not up to par. Internet cookie to anyone who knows who the Toa will have face next.

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I was running through the blogs and I saw this beauty. Very nice, even though I'm not fluent with the 2016 characters just yet.


However, I can tell you I was looking at some pretty good leaks of our dear Hunter Umarak before BZP and LEGO decided to announce them.

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