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  1. If you're still selling the bitil head, I can offer 200$ usd.
  2. Konahrik


    The goal here was to update the Zyglak, while retaining some of the aesthetics from the original combiner.
  3. "Shunned by their creators and hated and feared throughout the Matoran Universe, the savage Zyglak retreated to the dark places of the universe, such as ruins, and the underground recesses of Voya Nui, brooding over their fate and hating the Matoran and all who honored Mata Nui." Gallery The goal here was to update the Zyglak, but also keep that weird and alien look to it that the original had. Let me know what you think, and have a good day!
  4. He doesn't officially have any limbs like the ones I included, but his official build comes with a matoran like being on his back, so I condensed that thing into the limbs on his back. Glad to see that they don't detract from the build!
  5. -Spiriah's official incarnation was interesting to say the least, and was met with mixed reactions. What I tried to do was build his regular form, while still keeping some cues from his official incarnation in the build. I pretty much removed the grey from his color scheme and reduced the green to a minimum. I hope that the finished product that you see before you is still recognizable despite his extreme makeover. Gallery when public. Thank you for visiting and have a nice day/night.
  6. The feet were like the last thing added on, so i can see why they don't really gel with the rest of the moc. the torso armor is from the legends of chima ultrabuild series, the second wave that didn't see a North American release. Thanks, I'm glad I found a way to mount the staff, it was a problem at the beginning, but I found a solution near the middle of the build.
  7. Konahrik

    Mech Tablescrap

    I think its simple in that there is little to no custom anything, its mostly stock limbs and stuff. The torso is just an upside down ccbs wide torso.
  8. I present the Class 1 Versatile Terrestrial Scouting Machine. Pretty simple build, will probably expand upon it in the future.
  9. A strange, horned being has been spotted wandering Okoto Nui. Some villagers say he is a master, others say he is... something else. From a far off land, his story is unknown, and with his memory erased, Konahrik must forge a new path. Armed with formidable telekenetic powers, and an augmenting staff, is he friend or foe to the inhabitants of Okoto Nui? Old Pictures Criticism is welcome, and hopefully I will be able to put up some better pictures soon, they came out a lot more sepia-like than I'd prefer. EDIT: New pictures added, hopefully they give a better, clearer look than before. Thanks for stopping by, have a good day/night.
  10. This is a short story kind of teasing the series of MOCs that I'm working on. I figured it would be a cool way to tie in the MOCs and the storyline. in an alternate timeline. 2016 spoilers are present, so be warned. As Ekimu congratulated the assembled Toa, Vizuna and Kivoda came stumbling in, exhausted from their journey. Seemingly in awe that the Toa had rescued and revived Ekimu, Vizuna and Kivoda were speechless.After overcoming the shock of seeing their famed mask maker alive and well, the two villagers turned to the Toa, remembering why they had even came to the City of the Mask Makers in such haste. Exchanging a short look, the two villagers decided that Vizuna would speak first. “Toa, a great evil has been unleashed across Okoto, and it seems to have originated in our two regions.” Vizuna gestured to both he and Kivoda. “ We villagers tried to stop them, but our efforts proved fruitless, we need your help. We have never seen creatures like this on Okoto. There are six of them from our observations, three in the region of jungle, and three in the region of water. They are monsters, all of them; their only interest is sowing destruction along the island. They must be stopped before they can spread.” With a grim look in his eyes, Ekimu was the first to speak. “Tell me young one, what did these monsters look like?” “In my region, they appear to be monstrous insects, a spindly white one that walk on four legs, a yellow, beetle-like one with long sharp swords, and a small green one that has a stinger on her face.” After taking a deep breath, Kivoda continued, “The creatures that are in the region of jungle are quite different, they are giant winged creatures. There is a giant, spindly black one, a scary red one, and a silent blue one. They have already killed three wandering villagers that were visiting the region; Radiak, of the fire tribe, Kirop of the earth tribe, and Gavla of the water tribe. Turning once again to the Toa, Ekimu spoke to them this time. “Toa, it seems my brother’s influence has not yet dissipated as I had hoped. It appears he has awoken ancient spirits that plagued the island long ago. I had hoped we had put them into a slumber so deep they could never awaken again.” Gripping his hammer ever tighter, he started towards his forge. “ My brother has awoken the spirits of swamp and the spirits of the air. If you are to have a chance of defeating them, you will need some new armor. Vizuna and Kivoda, I could use your help in the forge.” Ekimu put some crystalline armor off to the side, and began work on the Toa’s specialized new armor, getting Vizuna and Kivodas input and help along the way. “The hunter will have to wait.” Ekimu muttered to himself. I'm not generally a storywriter; so sorry if the story is not up to par. Internet cookie to anyone who knows who the Toa will have face next.
  11. Click is right, they are custom pieces. Here is a link to the MOC topic. Quote from Fsnorglepuff: "The eyes *sigh* were very, very meticulously cut, sanded, and polished from those nice air-bubble-less 3 length trans-medium blue bars (light saber blades, but not the regular length). I must have gone though eight bars and so many pairs of eyes before I got identical ones that fit snugly (not to mention I lost some in the process). They really just stay there by themselves, but I also but a shortened black clip to get them at the same spot on either side."
  12. So I came up with another kind of clever use of parts, I dont know if I'm the first to come up with it or not, but I think its pretty neat. I came up with a kind of way to replicate the Iconic nuva armor for Gen 2. Alas, it really only works for Lewa, if you want to go for a purist look, but if youre fine with rubbing the print from lewas chest, it could work with the rest of the Masters. It might work better in conjunction with a silver torso piece, but then the primary color is kind of lost. And now onto the couple of WIPs that were promised in the title, Lewa Nuva Phantoka, and a silver Rahkshi. Im going for a mix of Lewa's 2015, Phantoka, and nuva forms, let me know what you guys think. Rahkshi front And back Trying to bring the Rahkshi into gen 2, its more difficult than the Toa, thats for sure. I haven't really come up with a good leg or arm design yet, and I'm thinking I can probably find a better spine idea to work with. What do you guys think? Have a good day/night!
  13. Just thought I'd share some interesting connections I've come across, and my punny entry for the upcoming BBCC. First, the connections; Some are definitely more useful than others. The mini trident I'm actually using in a MOC I'm working on. The only "loose" connection are the eyestalks connected to the Y-joint, in that if you drop it, they pop out. And the punny entry: the Horseless headsman; Lemme know if you guys came across any similar connections, or if you know of any new ones, I like tinkering with parts and finding different connections. Have a good day!
  14. Ah, another reader of the Inheritance Cycle, I swear there's dozens of us, dozens! Personally, I always pictured the ra'zac similar to how you described them, just all black. Seeing another persons interpretation of them is cool, especially since the way you captured the ra'zac is so similar, yet different to how I imagined them. I have to say, I probably would've used a black cape, like the one Vezon came with instead of treads. Other than that, neat interpretation, and good luck in the contest.
  15. Made two more matoran, Nuparu and Hewkii. The last three will be up soon. Hewkii Nuparu Nuparu lecturing Hewkii on the finer points of not breaking rocks with your head. Flickr Gallery
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