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Let's Talk Indivisible! (The Crowdfunded Game That Is)



Indivisible is a game that I'm not really seeing too much discussion around places, and I can't really remember the last time there was a mention on BZPower? Maybe I'm not looking hard enough.


BUT ANYWAYS Indivisible. It's by the guys who made Skullgirls, Lab Zero Games. As such, the first thing you can expect is beautifully hand-drawn and buttery smooth character animations, and in the final product, hand-drawn backgrounds as well. The gameplay's an 2D platformer Metroidvania style game, with combat being an active-time battle RPG system with gameplay I have heard be compared to Valkyrie Profile. All I know is that when I played the demo, I had a LOT of fun, and for a Prototype, it really shows the potential this project has if it's funded.


However, the game will ONLY happen if Lab Zero Games reaches $1,500,000!! Their publisher, 505 Games has generously offered to provide $2 million should Lab Zero games acquire the goal above, completing the game's budget of 3.5 million. Unlike most crowdfunded games out there, Lab Zero has been highly open about their practices and the expenses needed, and overall have been very genuine. As of right now though, they've made $1,032,153. That leaves $467,847 to be made in the remaining 17 days of the campaign! If they do not get fully funded, the game will not happen, and Lab Zero Games will dissolve. Now, I know that no one on BZPower is going to magically donate THAT much money and save the campaign overnight, but still! Consider donating to this project if you can!




And if you're among those who aren't able to support the project directly, spread the word to your friends and colleagues! There's a Thunderclap campaign running as well, so please consider signing up for that as well!




Perhaps later I'll go over my thoughts towards this project more, but all you need to know right now is that I'm confident that if given the chance, the finished product will be amazing, and it'd be a massive shame to see the campaign fail and company go bankrupt... So that's all I have to say for now then, hopefully I've at least gotten your attention.

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