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Corrin and Bayonetta



I don't really understand why people are surprised to see that Bayonetta won the ballot. I can understand if you're surprised that Nintendo would choose her as a "realizable character," given that her game is very much ​not ​family-friendly, but if you didn't see the online support for her, you and I weren't looking at the same posts and comments on social media.


That said, I don't like Bayonetta, didn't want her, and am disappointed that she won. But I don't complain, because it's not like I have to buy her or anything.


Corrin, on the other hand, I'm very happy for. I'm not a fan of the excess of FE characters, but I'm not going to blame Corrin for that when the real problem is two Marth clones (one altered a little, but I don't think Roy's worth the changes made). Corrin, like Robin, is the sort of FE character that should be in Smash.


(And really, when you realize that Lucina is really just a skin that takes up a space on the character select screen, you should realize that Roy's the only one that's excessive, and he's optional anyway.)


Anyhow, I suppose that'll be six more dollars I spend on Fire Emblem Fates-related content in February.


(Oh, and I guess Chrom must be feeling like post-Brawl, pre-Sm4sh Awkward Zombie Roy right now.)

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