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I don't get this

Scanty Demon



This concern over whether the fan base is happy/positive or not. I never understood this. Maybe I'm just not deeply involved fandoms but I don't see why I should care. Why does it really matter if a fan base is happy or not?

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In my experience, when everyone who likes the thing you like also hate it, you start to hate it to.


And hating even the things you like is a terrible way to go about things.

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I don't know if I'd say that.  There's something wrong with everything, but when the most vocal portion of a fanbase focuses solely on the negative (and not in an analytical way, just straight up hate), it can be very difficult to find anything positive about the thing, and that starts to encroach on your own viewpoint in ways you don't always realize.


Actually, maybe you do start to feel that there's something wrong with it, and that makes you wonder if there's something wrong with you for liking something so wrong?  I guess that might be part of it.

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From a producer's standpoint, if the fanbase is very negative, they probably won't buy a lot of the products.


From another fan's perspective... well, it's only really important if you want to be part of that fanbase or not. :shrugs: (Assuming you'd not want to be part of a negative group of people... but if you're looking for a place to gripe maybe it's for you?)



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I definitely think a lot of people are exaggerating how unhappy/negative this fanbase is right now, because the Bionicle fanbase has always had a knack for complaining. It's not as if the Bionicle fan community is at risk of falling apart just because not everybody is happy with the present state of Bionicle. It's managed to last this long without that kind of consensus, after all. Fanbases are more resilient than a lot of people give them credit for.


But in general, a fanbase isn't just an abstract concept, it's a community. And I think everybody, on some level, wants the communities they're a part of to be happy. Same as how you'd want your friends to be happy. So it's natural for people to worry about that kind of thing.

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I prefer all that negativity over that creepy post of someone saying we should socially engieneer the community to be more positive... yeesh.


Anyhow, nothing is perfect, and in the end the good or the bad only stands out as much as we want to see it personally.

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