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Random Bionicle Pieces



I got these off of a friend for $12 today. I sincerely hope I wasn't ripped off by my own pal.





I don't know. Does this look like it's worth $12 to you guys?


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I confess I don't really know the market, but the Infected Hau alone would probably nab you at least $12 on eBay, if not more.


I'd say you made out like a bandit... a very unambitious bandit...

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well, according to bricklink


- the infected hau, which only has 15 lots listed, ranges from ~$3 to $20

- the black miru, which only has 21 lots listed, ranges from ~$5 to $10

- the trans-blue rurus, which have 130 lots listed and only range from $0.02 to ~$4, arent worth a whole lot, but you did get a full set of four of them


tossing in all the other parts, youre averaging less than two dollars per mask, two of which are rather uncommon, so yeah id say it was just about worth it

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