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Brickfair NJ



It looks like my late October schedule might've freed up, and I'll be able to finally go to Brickfair O:


I've always wanted to go but it never worked out; I remember sending a Bionicle painting in to be featured at one of the Brickfairs in like 2009, but other than that... nothing. Goodness, it's been 7 years since then. I'm really eager to go, it'd be so exciting! Honestly, how've I been a fan for my entire life and never gone? Now I've definitely gotta build something for it :D

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LEGO conventions are great! Everyone should try to make it to one, even if only as a public visitor on the weekend. But actually attending? There's so much to do and so many people to meet!

It'll be great having your work added to the Bionicle tables.

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