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Thoughts on Pokemon Generations

Toa Smoke Monster



Note: Slight spoilers for the Pokemon Generations videos are below. Don't read if you haven't seen them yet.


I've seen the first four episodes of Pokemon Generations, And I have to say that I've really enjoyed what I've seen so far. It's really cool to see events from the Pokemon world from other viewpoints besides those from Ash and his friends at the time. Plus, many of these events are from the games themselves, which is also neat IMO.


I really like the animation they used for make these stories. It's different from the animation used in the anime, but I think that's good because it helps Generations standout from the show. Though unless I'm mistaken, the anime will use a similar animation style for when it goes to the Aloha Region. (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that.)


And since these are based more off the games than the anime, I do think it was a nice touch to have the Pokemon make more animalistic sounds than simply just saying their names. It makes sense for them to do this because Pokemon in the games don't say their names, besides Pikachu from the X/Y games and those after them.


Overall, Pokemon Generations offers fans a different look into the world of Pokemon, and its an enjoyable experience IMO. I look forward to see where they go from here.


What do you guys think of Pokemon Generations so far?

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I am really enjoying it though it does make me wish we could get a full anime series like this but telling the complete story of the game series (rather than the somewhat broad-strokes adaptation that is Ash's adventures).

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