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Belated Travel Log - BrickFair VA 2017, Conclusion

Jedi Master J.


I woke the next day around 4 AM. My stomach was still bothering me and emotionally I still felt like a failure at life. It was not an easy morning... I decided to go take a hot shower since I thought maybe it would help. It kind of did until I got out and I started to feel like upchucking and rush to toilet. So yeah, five day no vomit trend ended...


After I was done in there, I turned off my 5 AM Phone alarm ("Calling" from the World Ends with You soundtrack) as it went off and start packing up my stuff to move into my car. Also made sure to leave a tip for housekeeping staff this time around (I forgot to in 2015). I gradually went back and forth between my car and the room to drop off my stuff until all that was left was my hiking bag, which was going in my co-pilot seat.


I kind of want to leave just then and there, especially since I wasn't going to eat breakfast out of the fear that I might vomit again. But I waited until 9:30 AM since again, that was time that I was told was best to leave by. So I spent quite a bit of that wait time on a bench outside. I had to use one of benches under cover since other ones were wet from the rain. I probably annoyed a guy trying to smoke by being there for so long.


But anyway, at 9:30 AM, I went back inside and return my key cards. And that was it... I got in my car, turned off the no toll function on my GPS, and start driving back. Honestly that might been my most stressful drive as the rain made things x10 more scary (I might try to wait it out, if it rains like this again.). I also felt weak quite a few times during the drive due to not having any food in my stomach (Lesson learned... I should of ate something.) and was tempted to pull over several times.


So yeah, not a fun drive back. I did get to see that cool tunnel though (Which I always like passing through as it feel like such a marvel in engineering. Also... SECRET TUNNEL, SECRET TUNNEL, SECRET TUNNEL..). Although I also had to pay three tolls ($4 + $8 + $4 = $16). XD Oh, and I made the trip to and back without needing to fill up my car's tank, so that was kind of nice. I am definitely going to have fill it by the end of this work week though. XD


But anyway, I got home (obviously) around noon-ish. Not much interesting happen after that, I just unloaded my stuff and then start doing the laundry. So yeah, best just ended the recap at that point. XD


So with all that said, my overall impressions from this first trip by myself is mostly positive. I mean yeah, I didn't do amazing in social part of things. It was a good first step though and I think over time I could get better at that side of things. *shrugs* Maybe I am just being too hopeful and idealistic on that side of things. I mean I have regrets (Not going swimming, not meeting Ballom, etc) about the trip, sure.


But I find it hard though to really be negative and say, "Never again" as really it was relaxing trip and I actually kind of miss the place now that I am home again. If anything, it kind makes me want to travel more in the future. XD So yeah, I am not ruling out the possibility of coming back next year for BrickFair VA. I mean if I can afford it, I definitely will attend again.


That was the trip pretty much. Uh, I could ramble more, but I kept you folks here long enough. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a good weekend.


- JMJ 2017


PS - I am really sorry for withdrawing during the fancy dinner on Sunday (Day 5). I feel really bad and embarrassed about it, especially since none of you folks deserved that. Once again, I am so sorry for my behavior there.








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