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Still Alive btw

Kaleidoscope Tekulo


Whew, been a while.


So to keep y'all updated, I did go through with the move to WA. I have a room for rent in a house and my landlord and housemate are very nice people.


Being in OH with my family was a way stressful living situation so hopefully my time here will give me some space to breathe. Also, you know, it seems generally more LGBT friendly than where I was before. Like I'm still in a more conservative area, but nobody knows me here and omg that alone is so much less pressure.


But anyway, I've been improving at my work and I've been getting the hang of things. The holiday season was very busy and stressful and it turns out other stuff caused more stress on top of that (online dating profiles are hahahahababababababababababa)


I've decided to go full on pescaterian si that's exciting. I take a daily dose of omega 3's in the form of fish oil pills and just eat fish whenever I'm in the mood for it.


I got lots of love from some friends back home that I usually see this time of year, and I'm honestly touched I have people in my life who bother to miss me (aside from just blood relatives, mind you lol).


Adulting and budgeting and trying to save money is a new thing, but it looks like I'm managing it alright so far.


Other than that, stress is still freaking exhausting, but I feel like I'm overall handling it okay. It's strange finding new ways to manage stress after years of handling it poorly.


Also I live with dogs now and omg did I miss having dogs around.


Well, that's more or less what's been up with me.


How about y'all?

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Where you're at is what I'm striving for, and I've said this elsewhere, but it's so nice to see you find more peace in your life. Also more gay. We all need more gay.

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Thanks everyone!


i missed u
Josh I still call you a dork on Twitter and when I'm not actively calling you a dork I am thinking it loudly in my head. You should be able to feel my presence by that alone.
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