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New Yu-Gi-Oh Ban List



(Yes I know this is a little old, but I just found out about this the other day so I'm gonna talk about it now.)


For those who don't know, in the Yu-Gi-Oh card game you can only have up to three copies of a single card in any one deck; exceptions being semi-limited, limited, and forbidden cards of which you can only have two of, one of, and none of respectively. What cards are limited and forbidden is decided by Konami with their frequently updated Limited and Forbidden List the latest update of which came out a couple of weeks ago.


Now, the fact that I'm just now talking about this now should tip you off as to how involved I am with this game. Basically I watched the show growing up, but didn't really into the game until last winter when I started playing online at Dueling Nexus. Now, I'll be up front and say I honestly don't make my own decks for scratch I just watch the big Yugi-tubers and stalk the YGO reddit for deck lists. Sure, building decks is fun, but I'm not a good enough player to know how to build a deck that is even semi-competitive. Plus decks made by people who know what they are doing are funnier to play. Unfortunately, with the new ban list I'm going to need some new decks 'cause some of my favorites got hit hard.


The good news: my all time favorite deck, a combination of Exodia and Trickstars, was completely unaffected; as was my Kozmo deck. I'm not that good a Kozmo player (yet?), but I like it a lot because 1) it's a pretty competitive deck and 2) it's doesn't require an extra deck to be good and I'm a YGO player who doesn't like extra decks.


The bad news: both my favorite go-to Magnet Warrior deck and my Egyptian Gods deck used the Brilliant Fusion engine, which used 3 copies of a now limited card. It'll take some looking around to get both of those decks playable again.


The worst news: You know that true hero who performed well at a regionals with a

? A Gren Maju deck. A deck that no one knew or cared about until he came up with it? Yeah, well one of the most important cards in the deck (Golden Sarcophagus) is now limited. That's a shame, because I love gimmick decks and especially gimmick decks that can actually win games and I've had a lot of luck playing with various Gren Maju decks. I'm sure that guy had a panic attack when he got the news.


OK, super nerdy blog entry over. I would be more torn up over all this if I was playing YGO right now (which I'm not) and probably by the time I do decide to start playing again they'll be another new ban list to adapt to so yeah until then just be sure to pay your respects to the once great Gren Maju.


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