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I Need to Get Me a Cig



Yeah, I just realized the other week that I don't have a signature below my posts; I'm sure I had a good reason for doing that, but still I...wait. Did I put a "C" instead of an "S" in the title? Oh well, might as well just roll with it.


So, I did some browsing around the forums and noticed that, for one, a surprising number of people don't have a sig at all, but also that everything in sigs fell into a few categories: links, quotes, and occasionally a moc image or banner. And when I think back to what my sig has looked like over the years I realized that has used fallen into the same categories. First it was nothing, but links (there was a lot of stuff I wanted to link to back in the day!) then I got a banner with a model in it, heck I know I've even put silly quotes in my sig before.

I'm pretty sure the last links I had right before I got rid of it were of this blog, my wordpress blog that I abandoned, the caption contest, and I think that's it.


I'm open to any and all ideas as to what I should put down there; my only ideas right now are...you guessed it links (this blog, my flickr) or maybe a banner featuring the three most beautiful women alive (assuming I feel like putting in the work necessary). Or I could just get with the times and leave it empty.


Any thoughts?

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An unexplained image of a wheel of cheese.

Ha ha, if nothing else at least that put a smile on my face.  Assuming I don't getting any better offers I just might do that. 

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Hmm, I'm not even sure of what I'd put in a sig other than links to my own stuff. So maybe go with that?


An unexplained image of a wheel of cheese.
Or this. If nothing else, then do this. It'll be hilarious.
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