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I Bought a Mac

Jean Valjean


:kaukau: It's from earlier this decade, and I think that it's the one that they made in the first half of 2014, according to the tech support guys who sold it to me.  There have been a few major discounts coming from their office, selling used Macbooks for a couple hundred dollars and stuff like that.  Not just anybody can buy them.

In any case, the takeaway here is that I have a Mac.  Specifically, a five-and-a-half-year-old Mac Mini, with some dismal I/O and a little bit of dust inside.  However, it was only $50, and when I looked up Macs from when this model was first made in 2012 (this was made in 2014, but it didn't refresh the 2012 design; also, it looks like someone expanded the memory on it), the price of refurbished 7-year-old Mac Minis is nine times as much as what I paid.  So I got a pretty good deal.

Not that I'm using it.  I'm giving it as a gift to a friend whose old computer broke down, and I'll let him assume that I paid the standard refurbished price for it, somewhere around $500.  If he wants to pay for my next few meals, then my purchase paid for itself.


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I'm more of a PC guy, but even I have to admit that's a pretty good steal! 

Even if you told me how little you paid for it, personally I'd still feel like I owe you more then 50 if it was being given to me, since you're giving something away for free that could've put around half a grand in your wallet had you sold it online instead :P

--Akaku: Master of Flight

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