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Ta-Matoran 'In Memoriam'



In Remembrance - an Obituary by Aft 
Great Furnace maintenance worker, Buon, was welcomed through the Gates of Artakha on the fourth of this month. If there was any Ta-Matoran who earned a rest in paradise, it was Buon. 
He was known throughout the district for his unsinkable spirit and dependable work ethic. Many a Matoran, from any district, were privileged to call him a close friend and brother. Buon also was working on a degree from the Ga-Metru School of Synthetic Sciences, studying Protodermis Engineering and Processes in Protodermis Refinery. 
Outside the classroom and workplace, Buon also boasted a large collection of model airships, some of his own design, which is a little-known fact about this late, beloved brother. 
A shrine for Buon will be constructed in the Ta-Metru entryway to the Coliseum at the end of this week. Investigators hope to find more information regarding the mysterious and tragic circumstances surrounding Buon’s death available for friends and co-workers by that time. At this time, authorities assert that there is no reason to suspect Sculptor activity or agenda, and ask for self-restraint when speculating. 
In these trying, uncertain times, Buon would have been the first to encourage his brothers and sisters to stand strong and stand together, looking to the Great Spirit for guidance. Let us remember him honorably. 

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