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Chipmunk, Costumes, and Cotton Clouds.

Mushy the Mushroom


Recent chipmunk, 9X12 acrylic + pencil on watercolor paper. Drawing time: ? Painting time: 42 hours.

The drawing was from last year and not heavily detailed (done with a flashlight during a road trip).



Drawings from the past few months, 9x12s. I lacked access to a reference photo for one of them, so that accidentally resulted in a drawing of me as a mere primordial mush’. The last two are smaller, old/not very good (2018-2019, flashlight car art) ones with some newly added details.


My dear, tolerant brother visited and confusedly agreed to be in a five minute forest photoshoot!

Him: “I didn’t know what I was walking into. I still don’t.” 


Lantern: Was gifted to our great grandparents by a conductor after his train derailed and partially destroyed their yard. (It works, but fire is scary so the flame is tissue paper).  Binoculars: From another grandfather. 

Brother’s costume: Russian hat: Our grandfather apparently fancied one after spotting it in a magazine. Coat: Too big, temporarily swiped from our dad, pinned to cover the Star Wars shirt underneath. 

Mine: Dress: Actually our great grandmother’s coat with an added belt. Cape: A tattered tablecloth secured with safety pins and a rubber band. 

Bear: Still frightens our mom.  I regret not bringing string to make it look like it was climbing a tree.

Merry times. Had a flowery stump funeral for a trio of poor fishies who had perished in a park, finally watched Rise of Skywalker, and maybe even put braids in his quarantine hair to prove it was possible.

If life gives you straw flowers, why not wear them as straw hats?



Noticed an abundance of teal things and decided to make an utter goof of myself by playing dress up with it all in the backyard.  


DFC3B5F1-79A7-4FC5-90C9-F000293B30D9.JPG.9e128e6ab344533b139565c9cf497ae4.JPGSwashbuckling sword: My dad’s. From 1913/WW1. Apparently sword length is based on one’s height? The sheath unceremoniously dragged the ground.

Lantern: Possibly stolen from the garden. 

Dress: Made 3 years ago from my mom’s old bridesmaid gown + new lace. 

Gloves: Made from velveteen some years ago.

Cape: Really just my grandmother’s coat with the sleeves pulled outside-in. 

Kakama: Pattern

Random story because the content below will sound like the senseless babble that it is without it:


-The Antics of Nannerpus-

Once upon a time my brother and I saw a commercial starring a majestic Nannerpus and adored it more than we should have.

Years later, my grandmother gifted me a massive amount of acrylic yellow felt. 

And later my mom gave me an old tan sheet.

My x year old brain: *IDEA*

Nannerpus then became our homeschool mascot.

2017: Took Nannerpus to the hospital with me, somehow got other patients to wear it. 

2018: Discovered a compilation clip contest. Taped black plastic to the side of our house, asked my mom to shower balloons from an upper window, and a strange second of spinning Nannerpus ended up in that indie band’s video.


2021: My dad:


Me: ??? *Assumes it’s a random joke because it wasn’t mentioned again*

Four days later: 

My dad, 5:30 pm:

“So, I need a Twinkie costume for work tomorrow (in 12 hours)...”

"...Okay? Yeah? Sure?"

...Two hours later:


(Temporarily stitched oversized additions to cover the mustache)....I’ve created a terrible monster...O_O 

Sewing pins have always looked like baby balloons to me. 


*Gets carried away by the concept like these cotton clouds literally did in the wind*


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On 4/22/2021 at 3:04 PM, Bambi said:

Like I've said, you're uber-creative. :P

What did you think of The Rise of Skywalker?



I enjoyed it quite a bit, wasn't expecting Kylo's conversion/death. But it was kind of confusing because it had been so long since watching The Last Jedi. (Hadn't watched movies/TV in four years for reasons, but had to cave exclusively for Star Wars.  XD)

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