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Review: 75312 Boba Fett’s Starship




593 pieces, $49.99

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I don’t mind that this is not called the Slave 1, but I do have to admit that this ship has been recreated so many times that it’s fairly ridiculous.  Heck, I even made a custom Bionicle build of this ship already.  And yet, I don’t have any copies of the actual model, so when I found this for sale at Costco I just impulsively bought it.  Now I can at least add another classic Star Wars ship to my display.

The two figs are Mando and Boba.  Both are highly detailed (although that didn’t come across in my photos… everybody keeps complaining when I use flash or shine lights on my figs when taking photos, but when I try a more natural light setting the end results are too dull and blurry and photo editing can’t help.  Sorry, mini rant aside, sorry for the lousy photo quality.)  In fact, Boba has almost too much detailed printing everywhere.  (I did forget the visor, whoops.)  While Mando has some fancy armor printing on his shoulders, because I guess he managed to level up.  There’s also a sticker of a Gamorrean in carbonite.

The scale of this ship feels like it is way down compared to other variations, but it’s far more affordable so I can’t complain too much.  And still, I think the design and coloring fits the shape of the original nicely.  I am very impressed with the angled design of the “nose” or whatever, and especially the use of the wedge plates to hide the edge of the angle; the flow works so incredibly well there!  Fantastic building techniques.  The dark red bits are a bit less elegant, but they include a new wedge piece].  (Well, not brand new, apparently it was used in the Slave 1 of 2019, but it’s new to me.)  The curved dark green pieces at the wing joints are also new and flow together nicely.  I was also surprised at the use of stickers on the rounded nose elements; I don’t know if I’ve seen those with stickers before, but they work nicely.  The cockpit also includes seating for a fig facing both directions; I know some of the larger sets allow the seat to flip around when you rotate it, which isn’t possible here, so we get a lo-tech version instead.  Really, the only part of the ship I’m disappointed with is the wings, which are kind of sparse with halfhearted greeble.  How could they have been improved… I don’t know, those wings have always looked iffy on the sets.

A secondary model is supposed to be some sort of support hovercraft.  It’s generally kind of bland, until you realize that it doubles as a stand to hold the starship upright.  It’s a simple design but I’m impressed by how well it works.  A nice touch, making it a mild play feature but also a usable stand.  Very nice.

The biggest factor for this set is probably the fact that it’s a scaled down model of a starship that has appeared quite often.  And I’m sure many adults won’t want to downgrade to this, because I don’t think it necessarily brings anything particularly new to the table in terms of the ship’s design.  But I’ve never bought any of the other models, and the scale works for the X-Wing fighters I already have on display, so I like it.  Plus, it’s a lower priced model for kids who are just starting their Star Wars collection, and the figs are crazy detailed.  A decent set; maybe not for everybody, but worthwhile to plenty all the same.


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