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Making BIONICLE Trading Cards



Well yes, but actually no. 


Technically, I made a "living card game" not a trading card game and (since I'm just playing testing right now) I'm using images from a variety of things I like.  I've made about 110 cards so far and above are the ones I've made based on things from BIONICLE.

Right now I'm trying to figure it out how to put the game on screentop.gg so I can play with people online and then I might try and figure out how to do the same on tabletop simulator.

The original inspiration for the game was Richard Garfield's original idea for "Magic The Gathering", a game you could play while standing in line for something.  So, that's the main selling point of my game, you "could" play it standing up, but I know if anyone really would want to.  My main design goals have been making a simple trading card game and one that improves on the things I don't like in several other games I play.

Alright, that's all I'm going to write here.   Make of this what you will. 



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The comic art would be a great source for one of these! Back in the day (~2005) I made an attempt at a Bionicle TCG. Still have a couple of hand drawn/photocopied decks and it was technically playable (unsure if it was good, however). At one point I actually tried my hand at rendering a card (vs handwritten ones), creating this out of Flash + Blender, which are not the tools for the job.

What I appreciate about yours is the desire to keep it simple. Mine had a lot of token/stat mechanics and I think relied on the card's physical position on a playing field as well. No pick-up games standing in line!

I don't have much experience with CCGs vs TCGs, but am down to try when you have it on a simulator. :)

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First, thank you for your interest!  And for it's worth, I think your card design actually looks pretty good.

Since making this post I've decided to give the game a generic fantasy theme.  Unoriginal I know and using characters from established franchises like Bionicle, Star Wars, LOTR and whatnot had its appeal, but I feel like plain fantasy can reach a wider audience.  Especially, since my next largest source of interest for this game is a discord I'm in for a SW board game; if I themed this game around just Bionicle, they'd probably be like, "What the heck is that?" 

A lot of other things have been eating up my time lately so I can't say when I'll have the game available to play, but I did make a post on my board gaming blog with the rules and some other design notes if you'd like to read them. 

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