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writing a new epic thingy



Hey bzpower, I haven't been around in a loooong time but I used to write a lot of stories on here.

I've been thinking a lot about a new story, one which is spun-off from Bionicle but not about the lore, world, or characters we are familiar with-- the idea is an imaginary toy line inspired by Bionicle where I design the sets as part of the story. The concept is centered around action figure model kits based on bionicle but also gunpla/zoids, where mask collection plays a role in the story but the idea is that the toys are designed to be custom painted, rather than having color variations sold in mask packs and the like. The idea also involves the sapient robot characters piloting larger robots, because I absolutely love robots-in-robots. There are no Matoran or Toa but instead a race called the Knecht, who live in an industrialized world and are at war with organic aliens.

Anyway, I'm keeping this short and kind of vague as I haven't made much progress on the story and I am spending most of my time on other creative works... but if I eventually wrote something like this for the Epics forum, would anybody be interested in reading it?


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