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Law Bringer Day 2




Feature photo is the art for "Meet The Commander".  Above is art for "Meet V Squad".  

When I sat down to write the first draft of this post a couple of weeks ago I wanted to write something ten times more depressing, angry, bitter, and cynical, but I decided I wanted this to be a happy day since I'm supposed to be celebrating so here's a happier post instead.

Seven years ago today, I wrote a little story about four stereotypes (cowboy, ninja, killer robot, and ex-military guy) saving a (not very competent) vampire hunter from a horde of vampires.  The little piece grew into something much larger than I could have imagined and lead me down roads I also couldn't have imagined.  

When I wrote last year's Law Bringer Day post I wrote that I'd be sharing "Law Bringer" with the world soon.  I didn't mean for "soon" to mean nine months, although technically I shared "Meet The Deserter" here in February.  Either way, I had further to go after that, but I reached the midpoint a couple of days ago when I posted "Meet The Commander".

Now is the hardest part to remain positive with.  The part where I have to admit my greatest accomplishment after all this effort is a feeling of, "At least I did it."

As for any future plans.  I'm set to finish posting Season 1 at the end of March (taking a couple of breaks to post spin-offs I've posted elsewhere, but not on the substack), which means I'll publish the entire thing together as my first book a month or two after.  
I need to spit out the weird spin-off "Mors" next spring.  Like write it in a month and revise in another one level speed.  Then the fun begins.  I can work on my prequel, which needs to be ten times more depressing, angry, bitter, and cynical than anything I've ever written before.  As a bonus the social media content will create itself (wish I could say the same for Season 1), which might allow me to actually get an audience.  

Hopefully, I'll be done with that in late 2024, then the real challenge comes.  I need to write the book that will decide the fate of all of "Law Bringer" forever, but I should stop planning past next year's Law Bringer Day.   

I'll send off with a quote from Mr. Nightmare, "You'll never know how far you'll get unless you try." 


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