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How Many Paths Must A Man Walk Down?

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


One... two... three... four...


Has it actually been proven the man must walk down any paths at all? What if he lives at the bottom of a hill? He'll be stuck at the same point in life and will be an utterly purposeless question forever, because his number of paths will be forty-two less than the answer to life! The poor guy!


Also, what happens if you live in the center of a circular park? How do you know where the first path ends and the second begins? How do you know when to stop? What if you keep walking too long and accidentally walk on forty-three paths?


What if you live in Le-Koro and only have branches? How will you know when to stop walking before you plummet forty feet to the ground? Is it against the rules to grab something to stop your fall? If it is and you do, do you have to start all over? What if you lost count?


What if the path is a dirt path and you only have paved roads!? :OMG:


Okay, so anyways, everything's going well. I know that sounds weird, but days usually only count as bad if our toaster malfunctions and explodes, frying our electrical outlets and zapping our faucets beyond repair. That hasn't happened in awhile, so everything's going well.


2008 sets = <3 <3 <3


*Hugs them.*


Especially those Matoran. Whether they're evil, cloned, hypnotized, related to Makuta, it doesn't matter. I've already got my eyes set on the green one.


The orange one.


The purple one.


You know... what's-his-name.


Well, I can't remember what color he is or what he's called, but I know he's the coolest one, and that's what counts. The new leg and arm pieces... the unique mask... the shiny smoothness of his plastic armor! What is there not to love?


Last note: I'm really sorry for the members who can't access the personal messenger. I know what a strain that can be, and I hope that it comes back for you soon. :(







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Last note: I'm really sorry for the members who can't access the personal messenger. I know what a strain that can be, and I hope that it comes back for you soon. :(

Okay, I know that you were really laughing to yourself when you typed that. :P

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The answer is four remainder one street. I know because I have to walk home from school and it takes a total of 4 paths plus a street.

I'm assuming this can be applied to all of life. =)

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Heh. Weird, I might be the only one who can use his messenger... and Turakii, the green matoran is called 'Tanma' the white one is called 'Soluk' and the orange one is 'Photok' the 'Small sets' Villians are Radiak, Gavla and Kirop. the Real Villians are Antroz, Vamprah and Chirox.






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I gotta love Kopaka's mask. He walks a Snow path full of rahi, and shoots them down with his gun. How fun.


And Tanma: Freakin' Awesome. So does Kirop. And Antroz.


The Soluk's mask is weird... I don't like it.


The Disousa

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