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I Return!



And realize a few nifty things...


First of all, I just got back from a week at Camp Baldwin for a Boy Scout Camp. It was really fun, and if you're in the CPC, then you should go there some time. Anyway, I got to go into the wilderness for a week without computer access... and I pretty much forgot about BZP. Odd, huh? Anyway, I have alot to catch up on...


First of all, thanks to a PM and a reply, I've realized that I have to "approve" any and all replies that I get... and since I didn't know that, I just thought my blog was extremely unpopular. :lol: Now I actually know how to find replies, and I can see that I do have a few, even if I didn't find them for three months...


And then I was also in the middle of two contests. I was amazed that in my Prelim Poll in the BBC 37 contest, I was in second place, only one vote behind. That's the best I've ever really done in a BBC topic... I am proud that people actually voted, commented, and liked my entry... all at the same time! Anyway, although it didn't move on, I'm glad that I got a little bit of recognition.


As for the S&T Contest... Uhg, I advanced because I was one of the top five. I said that I wouldn't make it unless the top half of the stories moved on... and that's pretty much what happened. I don't know if I deserve it... and I don't think it'll do well against my new competition. What I really want is for people to read and enjoy my story... although it pains me to know that I can't even do well in a Story Contest. I just don't have much in me.


Anyway, now that I'm back, I should probably get to work on my next epic. But I have my Eagle Project to worry about, and in two weeks, I'll be gone again for a 50 Mile Hike. So Scouting is taking up my time this summer as much as school does in the spring. But on the bright side... I'll know now when people post a reply to my blog. Now I feel soooooo special. ^_^


Have a great summer. B) & :music:


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Aha, that's why you never had replies...after one of my comments never showed up, I figured you didn't want replies so I never replied again. :P


I voted for you in the S&T prelims, and I voted for you again in the Semis...good luck! ^_^

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I think that because of this blog entry, I'm actually going to read your entry (again) and comment in it :).


My entry's fate isn't different from yours--I got through because I was the 5th of my premlin poll, and very few people have commented in the story topic :). I feel like most of the people are too tired to read all the entries in a poll and comment in the story topics. I have to admit that I've been tired to comment too. Too much reading from the screen causes headache >.<, that's why.

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