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Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Can you believe it!? After all this time, it is finally revealed that Smeag and Makaru are not male, as we supposed, but quite the opposite! Female! And they like pink! =O


How could they fool us like this!? Nobody is going to know what to believe anymore! Next thing we know, something far more horrible could occur --- our darling Tohu could turn out to be Bugs Bunny in disguise!


I can't believe the staff would pull such a prank! Don't they realize what turmoil the members have been thrown into!? Don't they see that this could turn into a forumwide panic epidemic!? Members screaming, running in circles, bumping into walls, and frantically changing their usernames! "Oh No What Happened!!?" and "AAAAHHH!" and "The World Is Ending, Don't Panic!" plastering the hot topic list! The comedies forum abandoned! The results could be far, far worse --- positively disastrous! :OMG:


There are few things more catastrophically confusing than members switching genders!





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Guest kopakanuva13


No! Armageddon! What's next, me becoming "KoS, #1 Makuta Lover"? :o
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Well, I guess that for the good of Bzpower, I will dispose of my idea to become Axiniette the Chronicless.

Maybe. It may be fitting for me to change my name so that people won't think I'm insane for accepting that dare you gave me, Turakii. :P


It is unbelievable though, simply unbelievable.


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I'm telling you, there's a conspiracy! First Smeag, now Makaru! At this rate, the whole of BZPower will become girls! The admins are plotting our demise. Even as you read this, they communicate through Email and Pms! In fact, I'm most likely to be one of their next victims, as I've discovered this plot. We must act now! If we don't, you'll all be sorry! Well, don't just sit there, do something! Even as I type, the Admins close in on me, they're planning to convert my gender! It's just sick! SICK! S-I-C-K! Well you know what? I refuse! I refuse to be changed! I will not fall to these great powers of the Admins! This power they have been given has effected their minds, turning them into monsters! Monsters, I tell you! It's crazy! M-O-N-S-T-E-R-S! I'm probably being changed as you read this! I'm serious! They plan to change us all to girls! Oh, and you know what? I absolutely REFUSE to go clothes shopping if they do it to me! I REFUSE! You got that? R-E-F-U-S-E! Ha! "It's secret", they said, "they'll never know", they said. HA! I laugh in your faces, Admins! I figured something was up, and I cracked the code! You'll never get away with this! Never! N-E-V-E-R! NEVER! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!

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Guest kopakanuva13


Yay for non-gender-exclusive names! *pokes mine*


*and mine*

Aw, man :(

Maybe I should be "Kopaka the TOTAL NON-GENDER ROBOT" :P

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Everyone, THEY are trying to get you to change your gender indicator to the opposite! Don't listen, everyone switch to Neutral! ... We has cookies! *Notices the new pic Turakii has up* Cool pic you made Turakii!

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