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A Few Things, Elmo Weedon And Such.



Hmm... A couple of days ago I went to the Coffee Station to see a band me bro plays in, Elmo Weedon. Kind of odd name, yah? Surely, he's the keyboardest(what the spelling?). They are quite good actualy, local, but growing in popularity. There I saw my best friend who I haven't seen for two monthes, odd, no? I don't know why I haven't... Afters I went to McD's to pick up the latest promo toys. Got Nuparu and Hakaan. Nupy's feet are turned in so I can't stand him up right, solidly annoying. Yesterdays I went over to my freinds house down the street. Lotsa people that I don't know well, but the Hamsters(just a nickname, no alarm) do. So lots of older people than I, sokay though because the one who invited me was there to talk to. I gave him a basic overveiw of 2001 cause he likes BIONICLE but he's not everso story savy. I don't think anyone will read this. Ten minutes of my life, wasted. How depressing...



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LOL! No, not like the seseme street character, it's the name of a road near where we live. It isn't bad blog etiquite to post in ones blog, is it?


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