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Toa Lhikan Hordika


Well, today I finally saw the Pediatrist (foot Doctor). I've been experiencing some intense pains in my upper, right ankle and it turns out that I may have Tendonitis. Nothing major, seeing as (according to the Doctor) I'm, "Young and resiliant." I feel fine over all, but it still kind of stinks. Oh well.


Aside from that, I'll be going to Youth Group tonight and I'll be in the skit. It's pretty funny over all. In the skit, this one kid is picked on and shunned by everyone because he has Flatulentosis (It's a made up disease and I'm sure you can guess what that means). Finally, someone reaches out to him and shows him that not everyone is mean and not everyone picks on him. Next weeks skit will be more on a serious level, but I'll tell about it next week.


Today's Random Fact:


You ever notice that you can buy any nut in it's shell? Well any nut except for cashews. You know why? Because the cashew's shell has extremely sharp needles sticking out of them. If it touches you, it will give you a condition similar to Poison Ivy and you'll be itching for quite a while.


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Wow, sorry to hear that TLH. :( What do you need to do now that the doctor diagnosed you with Tendonitis? Has anything changed in your life as a result?


That skit sounds like fun. :D BTW, what does Flatulentosis mean? I can't figure it out. :blush: :P


Wow, good thing I get all my cashews from Planters. :fear: :superfunny:


~ :a: ~

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I empathize. Bionicle builders should'nt get diagnosed with tendon diseases. I truly empathise.


Flatulentosis? Brilliant, to put it in a nutshell. (Or to put it in a shellless-cashew?)



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Yeah, and did you know that the cashew is a cousin of posion ivy?

Is flatulentosis a sickness of continuosly passing ill-smelling gas? If so, then Toot-Toot from Ned's declassified school survival guide must have it. :P

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