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Thursday Book Review #1



This is something new to me. I read alot, so I thought of this. I hope no one else has done this before...
Okay, the first book I will review, is one I read last week, and finished yesterday. Writen by my favorite author, Brian Jacques(auther of the aclaimed Redwall series), comes the first instalment of the Castaways of the Flying Dutchman series, The Angels Command.
It follows the adventures of a boy named Ben, and his black Labrador, Ned. Both were aboard the pirate ship the Flying Dutchman, when an angel from heaven came down and cursed the ship and it's crew to a life of undead imortality. However the angel took pity on Ben, and the dog Ned, them being the only ones aboard who were pure of heart, and washed Ben and Ned overboard in a storm, at the same time, establishing a mind link between the boy and dog for open communication. Never growing older, the duo walked from the southern tip of south america to the northen tip, doing good deeds along the way, under the angels command.
When they reach the northern tip the real adventures begin. Accedently getting caught up in a band of buccaneers, where a gripping sea chase takes them accros the Atlantic, all the way to the coast of France! On the coasts Ben and Ned are ejected from the pirate ship and find themselves meetting new friends and almost a whole new book begins. I will not continue because I fear that I will give away the entire book.
On the whole, I find it an extra interesting read, and give it *****. Even a person who finds it hard to read will be drawn into the intricate web Brian Jacques spins...

Next week I will review Eragon, by Christopher Paolini


P.S. I said too much, didn't I?


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