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So The Forums Were Down. Great.

Taka Nuvia


I'm soo happy, I even got a drawing blockade from that. <_<


You know, I hate complaining, because it doesn't help, and it's just bothering, and taking space and bandwith...

Yet there's something I'd like to get off my chest.


The forums were gone, it gave a drawing blockade, I went completely Emo... AND I COULDN'T WRITE ANY BLOG ENTRIES BEGGING FOR HELP... and whatnot. :(


I miss my old topics. *sniff*


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well, you might be able to find all youre pics and opics in google caches, hence the most recent new story for BZP.



But hoooooooooow? :(

it doesn't work for me :crying:

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That was an awful time...


A time of darkness...


Pain, streaming through the bodies of every BZP´er...


It was The Reign of Teridax The Downtime...


Let´s hope that´ll never happen again!


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Well when your sick Taka, go on a posting spree. Did you keep your art saved? If not... Hope you kept them intact. Ah well, just try to take a positive outlook on this... *brushes off dead servers scraps*

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Um what is emo again?


Its depression, but to the next level.

But i'm not going to get into details.

Hey taka nuvia. Sorry about your art topics.

If it helps, every single art topic i made is also gone.

yah. No fun.

But like Nuju Metru, i am also here if you need help.

So cheer up. B)

"Always look on the bright side of life"-Eric Idle


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Emo=Emotional! :P

Sorry to hear about all that, but, I think I could get your topics back! :D

Search in google, "name of topic: bzpower.com" then click on the cached link! it may just have your topics!



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