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I dun really see why you're apologizing, 's not I actually wanted it(okay that's a blatant lie, but I'm likely to be grabbing it myself shortly anyways(yes I know I've said that a billion times but I'm being serious(maybe)(wait, I think I lost my train of thought(oh snap I hope I get the number of opening and closing parentheses right))))


And this has been a frightening insight into the way my mind(may or may not(provided it does at all)) work.


Argh why am I misusing parentheses so greatly(hypothetical, don't answer that).


Oh carp I did (it) again.


Fine, fine, I'll endeavour to stop(now).



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That was one of the few times I've actually laughed out loud on the internet.

I no rite?


I'm fairly certain that the act of laughing at my own posts is vain or something, but I did too(around the fifth set(might've been the fourth)) mostly due to being high on the internet right now.


Argh now I'm doing it again somebody halp me.


(darnit these things are addicting)

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No, I don't think you guys get it (I barely do myself (hehe)). I'm just trying to act like a cool dude (if I don't I can't maintain my status of cool dude on the internet (which matters a lot to me (yes really (okay fine not really but who gives)))) due to my most recent mishaps (check l'entree precedente (ACTUALLY DON'T I NEED TO STAY COOL DUDE)) on the forums. By changing the subject (to Cags), it makes me sound like a tough guy (actually cool dude) by avoiding (not caring about) my most recent punishment (BANHAMMER) (which I actually care a lot about).


Pun not intended.

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So what you're saying is.






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Doesn't everything in parentheses have to be a legit sentence? =\

I have no idea, but the simple overuse of them should at least give the impression that I didn't really bother with perfect punctuation in that post anyways.


Also on a vaguely relative topic I was going to give BZP money until I found out about you-know-what. Sorry BZP. =[

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Oh, now I get this blog entry... I was like 'wait, why doesn't Cags get the blog' but then I read your last entry...


Sorry, mate.

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