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Motteke! Sailor Fuku [seishun Orz Mix]



I can't stop listening to it.


Also school starts Tuesday, I'll be a junior, but no one cares. I'm thinking this year will be awesome based on who I've figured out will be in my classes, and then my classes and teachers seem good, so I hope this year'll be good. Which is odd for everyone seems to hate junior year.


Plus band camp is this weekend. :3 I'm so totally not obsessed with some guy with the same first name as me and this other freshman girl who Laka and everyone else can't figure out who is. heheh and no pics lololol


I feel so powerful as a junior in band, its crazy. zomg.gif


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Fluuuute, but I'm actually starting to hate my section. I mean the seniors this year are wesome, but everyone else in and below my grade are so annoying, even the other dude. I'd love to switch to sax, but I really don't have the effort, and the senior who did that last year I absolutely hate and he'd think I was imitating him or something, and I'd despise that.


Also knee socks is barely okay. Not techno enough.

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