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"ummm What Am I Supposed To Do 8th Period"



0: gym blah blah blah


1: Honors Physics: Awesome class, the teacher is fun too, my get horribly annoying later though. *shrugs*


2: Band: Oh how wonderful is band, but oh gosh, I'm the only first flute. There is another senior, but she's playing piccolo right now. I'm so lonely though, but at least I have a bunch of friends in different sections, guy friends too. Buuuuuuut, that girl I totally like is in the front row too so line of sight is there.




3: US History 2: Teacher's loud and tech savvy... perfect! All our homework is all online. Unfortunately it isn't an Honors class, but I didn't want to take AP with the really hard teacher and I really hate social studies anyways. I'm excited though because I want to learn about recent US history, not any of that American Colonies schtuff.


4: Honors Brit Lit: Bleh, easy A, but so much work, like so much writing. It's easy but gah I'll hate this class. The students aren't even that good.


5: Honors French 5: Finally french is an honors course, but same old same old. Class is good though albeit practically same as last year.


6: LUNCH: Ally and Kathryn are in it yay. I sat with them today, I may continue to do so, but some people the I hate were near there, so I may sit with the guys in my grade instead, probably. Only thing is that there are a bunch of annoying people there. I just wish all the annoying people would sit together at their own reasonably sized table instead of mooching of ours and making it really really packed. >>


7: BC Calculus: Woot I'm smart and in that class haha. Yeah there are 9 of us and we rule. Might be tough, but I bet I can do it. Plus the teacher rules.


8: Foods: Oh ho ho, this is where the fun was. I had no 8th period class originally. None. There wasn't even a spot for it on my schedule. lol, but yeah I talked to people and they were doing Foods, so I asked if I could and they were like "Sure man." So that'll be a fun class. Fooling around with everyone and then talking to one of my friends who is also in BC Calc before. Yeah, a good way to end the day.


The only thing is that I want to be some sort of mathematician or architect, so foods doesn't help and originally I wanted graphic design, but the class was horrible. lol


Also I really wanted music theory. ;~;


- - -


tl;dr version:

Science yay, band woot that girl :3, social studies yay techy homework, language arts blegh, french same as always, lunch woot, math O_O but yay, foods yay.


Mostly yay. :3


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Lucky, literally none of my friends are in homeroom.

My homeroom meets like only twice the whole school year, so pretty much my first period is my homeroom. hahaeheo

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