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Dust And Bones



(probably the only title that doesn't make sense to me in context, especially given that it's a watery level)


Finally figured out a "theme" for Invocation so yay. I think I'm starting to get the hang of integrating fins into Forerunner stuff.


peanut m&m's = yummy


I calculated it, and I don't think I've touched any Lego pieces for like slightly under two weeks.


maybe I should record myself sometime. I have a habit of vocalising whatever I'm doing in some sort of technobabble.


pyong's filler skit = :wub:


this has been some sort of rambling


better titles next btw


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Hey! Didn't you used to have an afro! Or was that someone else?


yep, that was me. I only give myself a haircut like once every several months, so I have either a buzzcut or an afro

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