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S&d Revision 2: The Flight

Tifosi 92


So if you're one of the elite few (marketing ftw :P) that still has any interest in my only epic, Search and Destroy, it might be of your remote concern that after two and a half months since revising the first chapter, I've finally posted the revised version of the second chapter. If you haven't read the epic yet, I'd obviously encourage you to do so. I've put a lot of effort into the two revisions I've done so far, and I do want to finish the story at some point. If I'm ever going to do that, though, it'd be nice to have some encouragement. ;)


If you guys don't see another revision up before this weekend, please send me hate-PM's telling me to work on it so I'll have it up before Sunday night, okay? :P

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Alright, I'll make sure I'll spam your inbox tomorrow or on Friday. :P


I haven't read any of the revised chapters, but I'll make sure sooner or later that I will.

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