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Wind Waker



I never played it....




The music is amazing, especially the theme, which I MUST learn how to play on the flute.


I guess I'll go play Twilight Princess again. ^^


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Me too. Looks better than Twilight Prin--*Shot by Toon Link haters*


And I can buy it a GCN controller and memory card (for playing on wii) for like $53 at GameStop.


That's more than TWW's MSRP.


But soooo worth it. ;-;

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I always hear people saying The Great Sea was more boring than Hyrule Field, while others say it was just the same, if not better. Dunno what to believe. =/


Oh well, that's what warping for. :P


Although I don't like the Hyrule Field/Great Sea concept anyway. It was great for OoT which just couldn't work without an overworld hub, but it's about time we went back to the more cohesive worlds from 2D games. Like in Link's Awakening, you could leave your town one second, get lost in the woods, make it out into a strange swamp, then (eventually) be climbing a mountain. All these areas were right next to each other, whereas in 3D games they've been separated by a bland field. I imagine if Nintendo had a console as powerful as the 360 or PS3, we could see this again in a 3D game.

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I do hope that Zelda Wii brings some good and fresh ideas to the series.


And honestly, I really adore both the realistic style of Twilight Princess, and then also the cel-shadedness of Wind Waker. It's nice to have a complete change.


I think I can borrow it for the Thanksgiving break so eeeeeeeeeeee


And nevermind, the staff credits, while being almost the same song but longer, is so much better. ^^

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