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Showing Bionicle Some Thankful Love

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I stand here today to give you my testimony as to how Bionicle truly improved my life.


*Insert chirping crickets here.*




*Coughs, looks around nervously, and unrolls long speech.*


Before the day when I came upon the toy that changed my life, I was a lonely, sad little person. I spent many of my days staring blankly out the window trying to telepathically communicate with clouds. The future spread ahead as a long, dark, foggy tunnel, with not even a train for company.


And then, one Christmas morning, my brother unwrapped my figurative lifetime apocalypse -- Toa Tahu. His shimmering armor, his mask that smiled so understandingly, his flaming sword (magnificent although technically not capable of burning without bringing about its own demise)... I knew at once that what I'd awaited all my nine years had come.


Afterwards, life moved far more swiftly. Tahu's fellow Toa soon came, followed by the Rahi, in turn followed by the Bohrok and the Bohrok Kal and the Toa Nuva and the Rahkshi. I found myself surrounded by a sea of loving plastic friends. My days were complete! Whenever I needed a hug, they were there! Whenever I wanted a tea party, they were there! We danced merrily through the fields of flowers, hand in claw, singing opera at the top of our joyful lungs!


And then, in 2003, the finale. What gave me the last experience points necessary to evolve into a Level 99 Bionicle Fan For Life.


Bionicle: Mask of Light. The movie.


My love grew into an obsession, and I longed desperately to join the life-sized Bionicle characters in their Bionicley world. Sadly, as little as I hated to admit it, it only truly existed in the minds of some Lego employees in Sweden, and most people don't much appreciate having their minds infiltrated by rabid fans.


On the plus side, through mere chance and the guidance of Tahu, I found the next best thing... BZPower! A site overflowing with others who adored their Bionicles as much as I!


I was ecstatic! Amazed! Beyond mere joy! In a fit of wonder and happiness, I became a member, and was thus whirled into a merry-go-round of---


*Stops suddenly as she reaches the bottom of the paper.*


*Turns it over.*


*Flips it back.*


I could have sworn I wrote more...




Anyways, I met some friendy-people and then I met some more friendy-people and then I met my boyfriend, and... and... and then... Tahu bless us, every one! =D


*Dashes away sheepishly.*





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Long Live Bionicle. Your story is very enlightening. I was seven when I first found out about Bionicle! I was ecstatic when I first unwrapped Tahu (the same set you got first) when he came straight from Lego as the first Bionicle figure released in 2001. Bionicle is a truly amazing franchise, and I think Lego has made a wise choise by ending the line at this point. Simply continuing the line past what is essentially the climax of the entire storyline, Mata-nui vs. Makuta, would just be cheap. Farewell Bionicle.

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:lol: That was hilarious, Turakii.


Remind me to send you the code for my blog approval image if and when majhost goes back up. For now, here's my texty approval thing:


Hedgehog-certified quality blog!

(BCii approves, too.)



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