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Lan Party



3 TVs + 3 Xboxs + 3 Copies of ODST + 1 Old Linksys Router + 11 People + 11 Controllers = 1 Awesome LAN Party.


Yes be jealous, because this was all in one room. B)


Unfortunately, one of the TVs wasn't HD so we had to switch spots every so often so every one had fair opportunities, and that resulted in a couple minutes of gamertag remaking on each Xbox, but it was fine. We pretty much perfected the system, so hopefully we can do it again, and get right to the game next time. In fact next time I should have my monitor by then and could probably bring it and then we wouldn't need any swapping of TVs.


Anyways, I had a couple more awesome moments during the games. A no scope Bulltrue (I was amazing at Sniper that round), some more no scopes, a 7 Kill Rocket Spree, and then when we did doubles on Rat's Nest, 27 kills in the turret of a Warthog. B)


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