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I'm Back!




I haven't made an entry in a few days because we haven't had Internet. You see, my mom bought Christmas presents a little early this year. That coupled with a leak that jumped our water bill up to $600 meant we couldn't pay the bill on time. Hence, no Internet for three days.


But now I'm back, so I'll give a general update.


First, winter break! It'll be nice. I'm looking forward to spending time with family and relaxing with my laptop.


School, over though it may be for now, has been pretty good of late. Today was nice. Movies in three classes, an essay in one, a test in another, and free time in the remaining two.


When I logged into my e-mail a few minutes ago, I discovered that I had received 58 e-mail messages. How many were from people? None.


Anyway, I'll keep updating. For now, I'm going to go wade through the morass that is my inbox...



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