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Christmas Entry!




Merry Christmas!


As expected, my gift count was way down this year. However, in light of my laptop (half the reason the count was low), that's 100% okay. For those who are wondering, here's the actual list:

  • Laptop bag
  • $25 Barnes & Noble gift card
  • Stocking candy (of course)
  • Any 20 pieces from my brother's Bionicle collection
  • $5
We had breakfast (bacon, pancakes, and eggs mixed with sausage) here, then went over to my grandmother's house around 11 for an early lunch. Since Ding and my grandmother live in the same neighborhood, I walked over to his house with a gingerbread house in tow, and we hung out for a bit at my grandmother's. Now I'm back at home, but only for a bit; we're heading over to my uncle's for a second lunch, where I may be able to add to the list above. Until then, enjoy the holiday!

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Cool, man.


20 pieces from your bro's collection? XD I'd never be able to do that, man. OCD, I guess. (Kanohi! Does he have any good ones? lol)

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