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Farshtey Feed (p244-248)



Friday, December 25, 2009
Merry Christmas!

• Greg is sure that some Glatorian died in Teridax's attack on them.
• Click is now outside of Mata Nui's current robot body.
• In Mata Nui's body Teridax can only use what Makuta powers he was able to use as Maxilos.


• The energy source retrieved by Mata Nui was made active in the prototype robot body's head. Its power bound the components of the body together.
• Mata Nui now remembers his lost knowledge thanks to something he has seen and recognized.
• The golden armor was designed with the leader of the Toa Mata in mind.
• Tahu does not devolve into a Toa Mata until he arrives on Bara Magna.

• There exists a Mask of Mutation.
• The Great Beings took notice of Ackar's armor during the Core War, which later influenced Artakha's design for Toa Tahu.
• The Iron Tribe lived in the mountains of Bota Magna. The energized weapons that might have been wielded by warriors of that tribe would have hurled bolts of metal.


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Once again for the millionth time, thanks for posting these.


My brother just got Ackar and he reminds me of Tahu a lot...good old days. <3

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Tahu does not devolve into a Toa Mata until he arrives on Bara Magna.

That was quite obvious. Tahu gets devolved by the Ignika, and the Ignika is on Bara Magna :plain:

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