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Farewell Everyone

Tifosi 92


I hate to say it, but this is it. This isn't going to be like before where I've said that I'll be gone for a while and then come back before the week is out, this time I really mean it and I don't have a choice. Life issues have reached a critical point, and if I want to have any meaningful future, it's very likely I'll have to cut BZP out of it. I will not be able to get on BZP again for a very long time. Not a week, not a month, maybe not even in the summer.


I've enjoyed my time here, and I'm thankful for the opportunity I've had to spend time with everyone on here. I just wish that in the end, I could've done more to make sure my stay was longer, and that things didn't have to end the way they are.


To anyone I've made obligations to--I'm sorry I won't be able to fulfill them. To anyone who I've forged friendships with--it's been great, and I hope if I ever get back on here, you'll all still be around. To anyone who reads this, I'll miss my time here.


Farewell, everyone.


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