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Sunset Banner




So I was working on this paper that's due pretty soon, and getting horribly, horribly frustrated. And then I thought to myself "All I've been doing for the past week is working on this stupid paper, I haven't been able to paint or anything. I should take a break and paint something."

The result is above. New forum banner for me. Two hours, oils in Corel.


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Whoa, that's really cool. Nice work.

Thanks. ^_^


It's Manu again. ^_^ Very cool. Is that supposed to be on Nynrah? It doesn't look much like Nynrah to me...

I don't think it's Nynrah. It was originally going to be, that's why the cliff and the beach (though neither of those is very visible due to the coloring and the grass) but then the red star popped up, and I'm pretty sure it's not visible inside the MU. Might be Spherus Magna after the reforging. If the red star wasn't there though, it'd definitely be Nynrah. Maybe I can claim "artistic license". XD

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