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    I am also called:Manu, Fox, Ivraea, TBT, Selocity, and 'MataNui.

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  1. ShadowVelocity


    Suffice it to say that I've been sick for the last three/four years (I've lost track of how long it actually was). It's been worse for the last yearish or so. However, mostly better now. So, have a nice doodle. I promise nothing. We'll see what happens.
  2. Well, not really, since I never actually died, but I think you get the idea. ALSO. I bring gifts of ART. River Dormus and a Village White Quartz Mountains (pre- and post- shattering). Spent loads of time on the bottom two, not quite as much but still a fair bit on the top. All three of them are for B:NG. I don't really feel like typing out my whole "this is what I did blah blah blah," so I will leave you with that. Now I just need to catch up with the rest of my backlogged art stuff. (Curse you, university! Cuuuuuurrrrrrse yoooooouuuuuu!)
  3. How do people get picked for MS?

  4. You're on the member spotlight. Congrats! :)

  5. ZOMG, you're online! :o

  6. I'm... I'm really sorry about that. I was thinking about entering, but I just have too much to do right now to be writing stories... And anyways, the story I was thinking of wasn't long enough...
  7. Well, remember that whole thing with that scribble picture being easy to do, not time consuming, and decent looking? I discovered almost directly after that completely by accident how to create zomg-amazing looking pictures in a fairly non-time consuming manner, as evidenced by these partially painted mountains. They don't have color yet, but that's because in this style I add color later. But now I have a dilemma. I already started painting Alarist using my old painting style (color first, shading later) and suddenly I really am not sure I want to continue doing so, because this way is easier (even though I technically have to paint the picture twice). And it's not just easier because of the whole color thing, it's easier because of several steps that become completely unnecessary in the new style. But it's already partially painted... I really cannot decide. Ah well. *ponders the great thoughts*
  8. Lol. Yeah, I really don't spend much time there - I'll probably end up losing interest again at some point.
  9. It might be. Good to know, haha. Why thank you! I am glad you do.
  10. Eh, this was a picture I made to motivate my Altador Cup team, since that's about the only thing I do on the site anymore. (Yearly competition between users involving extremely boring game called yooyuball AKA World Cup for Neopets.) I don't think it really has to make sense. Oh, okay. Makes sense. ...not It's like soccer, except with Neopets. And weird soccer balls. On a computer screen.
  11. Yes, but the point here is that they look fairly different from what they were when I was painting. It's so hard to get things to look right sometimes, haha. Oh yeahhhh drawing in a car is really not the best. I gave up the practice a long time ago - it takes too much effort to get them looking decent, when you could have just waiting until you were elsewhere and taken a quarter of the time to get a better pic.
  12. A WIP shot of Alarist. Mapped out the basic colors (and yes, I know the water looks funny right now) and got a basic idea of how it will look.
  13. Yeah, sometimes I get the urge to paint things like that, or in this case, draw with the pens for six hours lol. Indeed it does. It is, but it's not something everyone would be interested in. I can't say if you'd like it or not, but do be warned that it doesn't start to get past the bad jokes and into the real plot for a fair bit. The animations are the part I like best though.
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