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Sprite Sheet Making



I've been making a BIONICLE based RPG for quite some time now, but've been stuck for a little while.

The person originally making the sprites for my game never got back to me after a while and I've been in desperate need for someone to make sprites for a while now.

I'm looking for someone to take his place. The job'll be somewhat easier considering you have his old sprites to work off of.

If anyone is familiar with RPG Maker 2003 I'd really appreciate it if anyone would be willing to help me design the rest of my sprites for this game.

I mostly need fighting poses for the battle system, and very few field sprites. (because I can easily just work off the field sprites I already have)

I've been looking for someone to replace my previous sprite maker for quite some time now, so I'm doubtful that this will really get me any response, but I figured I give it a shot. :P


Thanks to anyone who replies to this requesteth! :D


Until next time, remember, disco is in this year!


-Jordboy1 :miru:


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