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    I enjoy things that are commonly viewed as being artistic or creative, such as music, storywriting, drawing, and even dancing. I also enjoy sports that don't take a lot of physical endurance such as bowling and golfing, but I also enjoy airsoft and paintball.

    Video games are cool too. I like video games.

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  1. Here's my entry Version 1 and Version 2. I'm not expecting to win, but it was fun making my entry.
  2. Aha, Serpent! I beat you to it this time!So, happy birthday.Serpent is 23 today, epic.
  3. Well it depends, how much do you think you owe me? When I find that out, I'll find out what I want.
  4. You could do a shady looking Toa figure. On fire.
  5. It would also be superawesomesauceconvinient if you could list your Kraata for sale.
  6. Geckonater

    I Made Art

    I was gonna eat some cake, but as Chols said, this thing took the cake. And it won't give it back =/ I'm kinda surprised it isn't parts of dinosaurs mixed together =P
  7. Could you list each of them that you have (or don't have if that would be faster)?
  8. Don't forget, Raptor, you still owe me about $7 for those figures I sent =PAlso, what Bionicle Cards do you have?
  9. You should change your name to something way different, and see what people think, if they say you should always be Raptor, switch back when you can, when they say they like your new name, then keep it. And gazzadwaha?! They need that for Halo figures =P
  10. Thanks; glad to see one too. :)

  11. my BOI.

    Yay, another Christian ^_^

  12. Hey, someone else against the kissing banners! =D

  13. {Sees your signature} {High fives you}

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