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Pohatu Rockoh




For Neelh, cus she said she thought I should draw him. P:

I don't have his set, so.... I resorted to pictures again. Pohatu turned out okay (the other B:NG members told me the first version was too skinny and girly, so he is all manly and buff now) but the Rockoh not so much.

No virtual pencils were harmed in the making of this sketch, but the blenders may not have survived.


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Awesome! Do u take drawing requests?

*shrug* I can't guarantee I'll draw it, but I'll try to. I'd have to really like it for it to be anything more than a sketch though, cus I have lots of stuff I should be working on lol.

Very nice.


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Scary... That's sometimes how I pose Pohatu...


Awesome pic!

Glad you liked it, if I get time I might redo it a bit and make it a little more awesome.

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