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Farshtey Feed (p318-319)



Friday, June 25, 2010

• The three classes of male Skrall are physically distinguishable from one another from birth. [source]
• Greg would bet that Surel is older than Ackar. [source]
• None of the Agori, Skrall, or Glatorian we know of are related. [source]


• The powers of a Toa of Psionics would work on the organic inhabitants of Spherus Magna. Although one would expect the brains of the Matoran and those of the people of Spherus Magna to be very different physically, the Matoran's AI, which may be housed in a brain that is organic like their lungs anyway, is based on the brain patterns of Agori, as that is what the Great Beings had to work with. [source]
• The Toa will be ethically obligated to retrieve the prisoners still trapped in the Pit in the Matoran universe robot, since they will essentially be killing them if they don't. The prisoners will be kept in a secure place on Spherus Magna. [source]
• The Dark Hunter Vengeance, with Teridax killed by Mata Nui, will not feel compelled to take revenge on Mata Nui, since Mata Nui is too far removed from his original grudge. [source]
• Like the Ignika, the Vahi is only keyed to the Matoran universe and will not cause a catastrophe if destroyed now that it has been taken out of the robot by Voporak. [source]
• The Great Beings invented cross-dimensional travel, and so the Great Being imprisoned on Bota Magna understandably had a means of observing and contacting Vezon when he was in an alternate dimension. He reached out to Vezon because he needed someone who could easily get into the fortress, which one could do with cross-dimensional travel, and someone who was crazy enough to want to release a chained Great Being. [source]

• On the fallibility of Mata Nui: "I see Mata Nui as very much like you and me. As you go through your day, assuming you are a generally healthy person, do you go, "I wonder what my white blood cells are doing today" or "Hey, hope my new cells are being produced okay!" No, probably not, unless you get sick and have to worry about things like that. And Mata Nui was the same way. He had the Barraki and then the Makuta who were supposed to look after his insides so he wasn't worrying about them. He was focused on his mission." [source]
• The Northern and Southern continent are probably in separate domes. [source]
• Toa of Psionics and Gravity are not able to absorb their elements. To absorb mental energy would be to harm those around oneself, maybe even killing them, to benefit oneself, which is very averse to the Toa's code of conduct. On the other hand, the absorption of gravity is a redundancy, since Toa of Gravity can already effect a lessening of gravity or negative gravity in an area. [source]

• On progress on "The Yesterday Quest": "I am actually planning the start of it now -- I am trying to avoid having it sound like ROS 2, so looking for a new approach to jazz it up a bit." [source]


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