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3 Days Of San Fran

Vezok's Friend


A little incoherent writing ahead, reader discretion is advised, the author has just awoekn from a far too short sleep...


So, after 2 Nights in San Francisco I am heading over to Berkeley to explore the greater Bay area a bit more.


And while this town is almost as cool as some other cities further north ( :) ), Waiting and hour just for one cablecar-ride is definitely too much ^^


Still, I like it here. I wonder how many more weird and interestin things I'll see over the next week. Caketaker for this week is a man rivalling Ben Stiller as Zoolander though. Alongside a man in a teal Suit and dreadlocks down to his back!


And the fireworks from the 4th were some of the coolest I ever saw!


Take everyone.


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