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Farshtey Feed (p323-328)



Friday, August 6, 2010

A note about the Farshtey Feed's erratic schedule as of late:

Due to a lessening in the weekly amount of information coming into the OGD (an apparent result of BIONICLE's lack of further set releases), I am choosing on occasion to combine two to four weeks' worth of information into single Farshtey Feed entries. This is to keep each individual entry more comprehensive.



• Brutaka is still under the effects of his submersion in antidermis. [source]
• Despite the fact that Krika spared Miserix from death, Miserix probably does not think highly of him, since Krika imprisoned him in a place where he could have died at any moment. He regards Brutaka and the rest of the team that freed him as people he can use for the moment. [source]
• In Greg's words, the fate of the Piraka is that they are "Living on in a different form. We do not know that it is impossible to undo what was done, which would mean they would be alive again." [source]
• The golden-skinned fusion has its own distinct mind and personality and is not a merging of the minds which created it. [source]

• Metus and Telluris are still alive. [source]

• After Karzahni was retrieved from the Matoran universe, he disappeared in all the confusion of rescue operations, explaining why he was not imprisoned in Chapter 1. [source]
• Karzahni's Kanohi Olisi is now broken, smashed when he fell over the cliff. [source]
• In Greg's words, on the death-certainty of Karzahni's character: "I consider him to be dead." [source]
• Greg has alluded to "future victims" in The Powers That Be, and he confirms that indeed more characters will be killed in the story. [source]
• Karzahni was one of "The Powers That Be" to which the serial alludes. [source]

2010 STORY
• The Glatorian were able to mop up the enemy hordes which remained after Makuta's defeat because once Tahu had destroyed all of the Rahkshi, the Skrall left the fight because they were no longer motivated by the Rahkshi's significant numerical advantage. The Skakdi were subsequently outnumbered and either were beaten or surrendered. [source]
• It is already known that the Matoran of Mahri Nui were partially mutated during their brief exposure to the Pit mutagen, and that this mutation altered them to resemble how they looked before their botched reconstruction by Karzahni. Greg believes that when Mata Nui undid the mutations of anyone exposed to the Pit mutagen, he had the ability to be selective and did not revert the Matoran back to their Karzahni forms. Greg believes that there was also no need to make the Matoran amphibious, since they were no longer living underwater. [source]
• Tahu continues to wear the Golden Armor. [source]


• In Greg's words, this is what would happen if two Agori from different tribes were to have a child, and what tribe that child would belong to: "Agori are not born with colors. They simply wear armor that has the color of the tribe they are in. So it would come down to which tribe the child (or their parents) chose to live in. For example, now that resources are not so scarce, if a Fire and Water tribe couple had a child, one parent or the other might choose to change villages and bring the child along." [source]
• Vastus is older than Tarix, who is older than Strakk. Raanu is older than Ackar. Gelu and Kiina are probably about the same age. [source] [source] [source] [source]
• There are a fair number of baterra still remaining on Spherus Magna. [source]
• The baterra do not generally use ranged weaponry, since this would require ammunition and because the baterra's essential technique is to get into close range of a target before killing it. [source]
• Baterra are roughly the height of a Bohrok. [source]
• The implication in the story, according to Greg himself, is that Angonce is currently on Spherus Magna. [source]
• It is doubtful that the Sisters of the Skrall would want to take part in the new social order of Spherus Magna, and Malum and Strakk definitely will not. [source]

• The Matoran will be able to feed on the organic animals found on the new Spherus Magna, just as they fed off of organic fish on the island of Mata Nui. [source]
• Special Av-Matoran will continue to transform into Bohrok even on the new Spherus Magna. [source]
• The inhabitants of the Matoran universe might find the concept of romance interesting to observe on Spherus Magna, though it will not affect them since it is not something they have need for as a society. [source]
• Sarda and Hydraxon have likely made their way to a camp on Spherus Magna. [source]
• Any Maxilos machines which were inside the Matoran universe when Makuta left Aqua Magna are currently still in the Matoran universe or otherwise already moved to Bara Magna. Any that were outside the robot are still in the ocean of Aqua Magna. [source]
• In Greg's words, the Order of Mata Nui is currently doing "Pretty much the same thing they were doing before, enforcing the will of Mata Nui." [source]
• If the krana get out of the Matoran universe robot, they will have to manage to survive; otherwise, they will go dormant in the Matoran universe as they did when the Turaga buried them. [source]
• If the Zyglak leave the Matoran universe, they will probably not get along with the natives of Spherus Magna, since they will be co-existing with the Matoran universe population. Also, the Zyglak might well not recognize a Great Being if they saw one. [source]


• In Greg's words, on whether the inhabitants of the Matoran universe experienced day and night cycles: "Metru Nui did, as the head turned toward or away from an external sun. My guess is the robot would have had a sort of 'power up' and 'sleep' mode, like a PC does, that might have simulated night and day in other areas of the MU." [source]
• Matoran dream when they sleep, as humans do. [source]
• Greg is fine with the assumption that the Matoran word "kofo" is an antonym for "nui" which means "small." [source]
• Although Vamprah was the Makuta in charge of Odina's region, the Shadowed One did not conduct his business with the Brotherhood through him. [source]
• The fact that Shadow Stealer once worked for the Hand of Artakha does not imply that he ever knew or suspected the existence of its predecessor, the Order of Mata Nui. [source]
• In Greg's words, the reason Xia would have had its own resident Toa team is because "Xia would also be a prime target for pirates and thieves, who might have seized control of the place so that weapons could only be made for them." [source]
• The Toa Hagah had the same mask powers as Toa Hagah as they had before becoming Teridax's bodyguards. [source]
• Specifically, Keetongu killed Sidorak by beating him to death. [source]
• There were no hidden Av-Matoran among Voya Nui's Matoran population. [source]
• The Matoran of Voya Nui never rebuilt themselves to undo Karzahni's changes because they lacked the necessary raw materials and because they were uncertain if the attempt might harm them due to the nature of those changes. [source]
• In Greg's words, on the likelihood of a Toa of Stone having been a part of the Toa Mangai team: "I can't see why there wouldn't have been one." [source]
• It is possible, though not likely, that there are still living members of the Toa Mangai besides Tuyet. [source]
• Whenever the Toa Mata wore new Kanohi they found over the ones which they already wore as seen in the comics, the latter Kanohi was sent back to their Suva. [source]
• The part of Mangaia where the Toa Mata fought the Manas and the Shadow Toa was not the same chamber where Takanuva dueled Teridax. [source]

• According to Greg, the Great Beings doubtlessly installed the earliest mechanical implants given to the Agori themselves, but as a rule later on, the Great Beings were not the ones performing the implants. "Most implants are done by Agori and Glatorian for each other, usually by people with some healing skill like Berix had." This accounts for Agori born after the Shattering receiving implants. [source]
• If any Agori, Skrall, or members of the Glatorian species were to have survived on Aqua Magna, they would have had to have stayed aboard ships, since there was no land anywhere on the planetoid. If any such ships would have been near the crash site of Mata Nui, they would have been sunk and their occupants drowned. If there were ships far away from the island of Mata Nui, they would most likely have run out of food long before they could have discovered the island and reached it. [source]


• In Greg's words, on the paradox of someone dying before he achieves his destiny: "If you die, then that was your destiny. Remember, 99.9% of characters don't know what their destiny is, anymore than humans do. So the concept of "dying without achieving you destiny" wouldn't occur to them." Essentially, there is no way for someone not to achieve his or her destiny. [source]
• The Toa code never makes allowances for killing. However, there have been instances when Toa have killed an enemy unintentionally which were not considered violations. [source]
• Greg believes that Gravity is one of the most powerful elements in the BIONICLE universe, along with Iron, since much of it is made of metal. [source]
• Toa of Gravity are rare because the element of Gravity is especially powerful, and this fact would unbalance the story if their numbers were greater. In Greg's words, "Think about what gravity can do. If all I have to do is look at you to make you fly off into space or be crushed to paste against the ground, then it doesn't really matter what powers you have, does it?" Greg also confirms that a Toa of Gravity could possibly destroy an entire planet with a nova blast, at the cost of his own life of course. However, Greg in another place states that the fact that Gravity is such a powerful element is not the reason why Ba-Matoran are so rare (Greg may not be aware he has contradicted himself). [source] [source] [source]
• In Greg's words, this is how a Toa of Iron would kill a Makuta: "Pretty simple. First, you rip the armor to shreds. Then you use your power to create a solid iron cell, with no cracks through which the antidermis can escape. After a certain amount of time, the antidermis disperses because it has no body to occupy, at which point the Makuta is dead. Or ... you compress the metal into a little ball, trapping the antidermis inside, then drop the ball into an active volcano, etc." [source]

• If the Ignika were to be broken, Mata Nui's spirit would need to find another vessel to occupy; otherwise, it would dissipate over time, and Mata Nui would cease to exist. [source]
• In Greg's words, the effects of a nova blast of the element of Life are "Irrelevant, since there is no Toa of Life to do one. But the[n] it could cause everything within a certain radius to come to animate life -- rocks, trees, etc. -- or it could age everyone [within] a certain radius, as it did with the creature in Karda Nui -- or it could simply extinguish life in that same radius." [source]
• If part of a Toa's body were damaged, the Staff of Artakha would likely be able to repair its mechanical components but not the organic tissue. [source]
• If a Skakdi were to be mutated by Hordika venom and developed a Rhotuka launcher as a result, he would have to use this Rhotuka in conjunction with another Skakdi, just like his elemental power. [source]
• The Toa Nuva's adaptive weapons might turn into Cordak blasters if they were to go underwater. [source]

• Do the shortage of useable names, it is very unlikely that the Element Lords will receive their own. [source]
• The situation with the Great Being imprisoned on Bota Magna will be revealed soon; the whereabouts of the Shadowed One and of Tren Krom will be visited in later story. [source]
• The baterra were originally planned to be part of the 2010 line of BIONICLE sets. [source]


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On the Gravity thing; Greg states that the reason he made Ba-Matoran rare is because he believes that Gravity is a powerful element, but there isn't an actual story reason for it, so he isn't contradicting himself.
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>The baterra were originally planned to be part of the 2010 line of BIONICLE sets.


and they aren't?


totally uncool. :(

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On the Gravity thing; Greg states that the reason he made Ba-Matoran rare is because he believes that Gravity is a powerful element, but there isn't an actual story reason for it, so he isn't contradicting himself.

I thought that might be it, but I wasn't sure.

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